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> I think I posted an article about this genius six months ago or so. She
> is an incredible jazz violinist and an incredible lady. Great story.
> Cheers,
> Steve barbone
> November 2, 2003 - New York Times
> Regina Carter Keeps in Touch With a 260-Year-Old Friend
Thanks Steve:

Absolutely, a great story, and Regina's comments at the end are right on the 
mark as well,

As for her selling 50,000 copies, well she can make it 50,001 tomorrow, 
because I  am going out and buy one, I have not heard it yet, but it sounds like 

For those of you on the list who like more traditional sounding Jazz 
violinist might I suggest checking out Claude "Fiddler"Williams on Arhoolie Records,  
and Why is he not on any OKOM Festivals lineups?   He is a great talent of 
your era folks, must be getting close to 99 now if indeed he is still with us.   
At 85 in 1989 when he recorded these two CDs live in New York he was 

Jack Kleinsinger, Producer of Highlights in Jazz concert series in New York 
wrote in the liner notes:  "As for Claude's vocals on You're my Desire, no 
85-year old man has any right to sound so romantic".

I sincerely hope he is still with us and playing, he is one of my favorite 
Jazz violinist of all time.   If he is and any one sees him on a concert or 
event, don't miss him.


Tom Wiggins

Claude, born in Muskogee, Oklahoma said "When I started playing, they wern't 
even calling it jazz!"

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