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David Livingston snargi01 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 2 09:10:41 PST 2003

Paul if you are talking about Ray Sherman's station on
Live365.com there has been some confusion about there
streaming audio feeds. Live365.com does not use Real
Audio .rma or .ram Technology. It uses a mp3 streaming
technology that is different than RA  called
'ShoutCast.' http://www.shoutcast.com/ I know this
because I have had my Dixieland Gumbo station on
Live365.com for more than 2 years.

When a person signs up for Live365.com they go through
a configuration setup that gives them a choice of
using the Live365 default player, which is a good
choice because the play screen shows what band is
playing or a person can choose a third-party mp3
player. Real audio is a selection but I would
recommend WinAmp. http://classic.winamp.com/ (You need
to already have a third party player installed for
this option.) BTW, Real Audio B.S. and SpyWare is why
I switched to WinAmp in the first place. (One note:
WinAmp does not play .rma or .ram streams so if you go
to a lot of stations that use those formats you'll
need to keep RA installed on your computer.)

As for connection problems, anyone with a dial-up
modem is going to have problems with stations running
at a 56k audio stream. That is broadband speed. Even
though the station speed says 56k and most modems are
56k modems, it is almost impossible for a dial-up
modem to get maximum output from a phone line. Which
will cause breaks in the stream and buffer overflows.
That is also why I changed my station to a 24k audio


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--- "Edgerton, Paul A" <paul.edgerton at eds.com> wrote:
> > Someone like Edgerton could explain why it
> happens, but I
> > sometimes have trouble with Real Audio
> reconnecting
> > (buffering) during play. I don't know if it's due
> to high
> > traffic or what. It varies at different times of
> day.
> Much as I love Ray Sherman, I won't be listening to
> his internet radio
> station. Why? Because it uses RealAudio...
> For one thing, RA is blocked where I work, so I must
> content myself with
> WMA, MP3 and the rest of the alphabet. But more
> importantly, RealAudio is
> doing unwanted things behind the scenes like
> installing spyware, sending
> data about me back to the mothership and using some
> of its bandwidth to send
> me advertising. RealPlayer really, really wants to
> be your only audio
> player. What's more, it can be very difficult to
> exorcise from your computer
> should you decide to rid yourself of it.
> There are a few kludgy ways to play .rma streams
> without real player, but
> none are completely satisfactory. So my solution is
> just to say no. I
> actually prefer the Apple iTunes player (now for
> Windows!) but the Windows
> Media Player works well enough. Neither will play
> RealAudio.
> Most of the interruptions are network-related, or
> caused by an overworked
> server. About the only thing a user can do is to
> select a lower bandwidth.
> (e.g. a broadband user might try using a 56K dialup
> streaming speed)

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