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yet another version of 'Graveyard Blues' ... ??
the 'lead sheet' I have is an instrumental blues by Clarence Woods (not
Williams) from 1917.

cheers and beers
john p birchall
Bush sax player from Chester
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> Dear Meg,
> Wim Mossel (I am sure) and I are waiting for your identification of the
> source for YOUR "Graveyard Blues".
> The following songs and artists use the the graveyard theme:
> (Those marked * are the same song.)
> *Graveyard Blues (Lawson-White)  Teddy Grace, Georgia White
> Graveyard Blues (Parrish)  Turner Parrish
> Graveyard Blues (Dead And Gone Blues) (Gordon)  Jimmy Gordon
> Graveyard Bound Blues (J Guy Suddoth)  Ida Cox,
> Graveyard Bound Blues (not known)  Monette Moore. Not the same as the
> tune above.
> *Graveyard Dream Blues (Ida Cox)  Ida Cox, Mattie Hite, Sara Martin, Hazel
> Meyers, Josie Miles, Bessie Smith

Not to forget John Lee Hooker!

Dick Sleeman, Lelystad, Holland.

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