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Perhaps this will put the final nail in the Dada coffin.
Back about 30 years when I led the Jack Pine Savages in West Michigan, with
Tommy Pletcher on Cornet, we used to play That Dada Strain. Our clarinet
player Al Burgess would ask after I announced the title of the tune.."Hey,
how do you get the DaDa Strain?"
   John Butterfield, the tuba man, would shout from the back
line..."Whenever  you lift a heavy Mama."  A combination of moans and
chuckles followed!
   So now...perhaps..".Requiem In Pace?" to Dada.
Don Ingle - celebrating a partial return to normalcy at home. Jean's broken
ankle has healed enough that the doctor just said she could put weight on it
after nearly 7 weeks of wheel chair drag races. If the progress continues as
well, we might slip down to Logan, OH and catch the Boondockers in action.
Crossing the fingers as I type -- which makes for lousy typing!
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> I talked to several folks at the Sacramento Jubilee about joining DJML.  I
want to say "Welcome" to any of you who are new, and let you know that this
current thread on DADA will eventually give way to some REAL musical topics.
Don't give up!
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