[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jubilee

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Fri May 30 01:52:27 PDT 2003

To the best of my post-midnight-on-a-weeknight abilities,
here are *some* of my favorite Jubilee memories:

-- Will Connelly's marriage proposal !!!!!
-- Meeting so many list mates at the F2F
-- Enjoying dinner with Dan Augustine, Dave Bilgray, Will C., Rebecca and
Jim Thompson, and the wonderful Meg Graf (minus Big George but with the
fabulous Vicki Cox, trumpet for Bill Borcher's Oregon Jazz Band)
-- Watching the parade with Tito, like we were little kids, enjoying every
little thing; then bumping into Tom Wiggins in the middle of that huge crowd
-- Seeing four list mates performing together on one song: Roger Snell, Kaye
Wade, Burt Wilson, and Tito Martino
-- Cheering with the crowd on Tito's crowd-pleasing solo on "Indiana" during
Roger Snell's jam session (Hey Roger: thanks for being so gracious to
include everyone)
-- Driving to the Jubilee, listening to a great arrangement of "Sing, Sing,
Sing" on the radio, only to learn that it was Fulton Street with Bob Draga,
live from the Jubilee! (Paco Gatsby's arrangement)
-- Discovering the great musicianship and humor of Mr. Jack Daniel's Silver
Cornet Band
-- Rediscovering the great musicianship and humor of the Rhythm Rascals and
my friend, Dan Levinson (who, along with Kaye Wade, will join the
Boondockers in Logan, Ohio)
-- Imagining I was able to bust a gut (bucket) at the uproarious Boondockers
set; though in fact, I was unable to :(
-- Seeing Bob Williams just beaming! All aglow and flowing with creative
juices after completing 18 sets thus far (in 3 days with Igor's Cowboys and
Polly's Hot Paupers), and saying that he felt great ("iron lip" or something
to that effect). He sounded great, too
-- Marveling at the All Star sets, so packed with talent, creativity, and
camaraderie (and with great musicians amid the audience); must see: bassist
Paul Keller with Eddie Metz, Jr. on drums, regardless of who they're
accompanying ("Are we having fun yet?!!!?")
-- Running into Will C and Harry Epp at the Midwest All Star set, hearing
Eddie Higgins give an intro to a song that he was playing for Harry Epp;
but, Harry had disappeared (with his harem), so Tom Saunders wandered out
into the halls and tracked him down before the end of the song :)
-- ETC, ETC., ETC., until finally...
-- Closing the weekend with Fulton Street, seeing Ringwald and Edgerton
jamming with Allan Vaché, Tom Saunders, Russ Phillips, and Jim Galloway

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