[Dixielandjazz] The aging jazz musician was Dadaism and early jazz

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Thu May 29 16:48:54 PDT 2003

Bert Wilson writes (polite snip from a great post)

"When we find ourselves using such knee-jerk responses, we can be
assured that we have now become
our parents."

Hear Hear. There is a saying amongst the Italian musos in Barbone Street
(old folks) to the effect that when we look at ourselves, we see our
grandfathers. Yes, like the old man in "Moonstruck". The typical Italian
Grandfather who is unanimous in every viewpoint and had stopped learning
decades ago.

However, the music (jazz) transports us to our young adulthood,
exploration and musical freedom, even if only temporarily.

Additionally, if you google search for Rock and Roll as Art, you will
find an on-line book that makes a pretty convincing claim that it too is
art. And if you read it, you will find some very interesting comparisons
to the reasons it, like jazz, has a message. It points out that
"freedom" was the jazz message  and "liberation" that of rock & roll. It
also points out that jazz freedom was very similar to art freedom,
cubism, Jackson Pollack etc.
And that R & R liberation is akin to the visual art of graffiti. Each
is/was music/art of the times.

Steve Barbone

PS. Can you collectively improvise a painting? Maybe, consider some of
the momentous works of Michaelangelo (Sistine Chapel for example). He
had students help him as did many of the old masters. Or how about the
Crazy Horse sculpture on the mountain out west. Many helping on that
one. Perhaps not too different from improvisation in a Big Band setting,
mostly arranged, however, some individual freedom to create within the

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