[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

Robert S. Ringwald ringwald at calweb.com
Tue May 27 00:54:09 PDT 2003

I just got home after spending 4 days in Sacramento playing for the Jubilee.
The WX was a little hot on Thur & Fri but cooled down very nicely for the
rest of the festival.

We had a great DJML Bloody Mary party on Fri morning.  Tito Martino even got
there in time to meet many Listmates.  And Meg Graff & I had a BM together.

Saw Tito several times during the festival.  He was having a blast.

Played 10 sets with Fulton Street Jazz Band, 2 with the Boondockers, one
with Big Mama Sue, Eddie Erickson, Jim Maihack & listmate Bob Williams & the
closing ceremonies.

Some of the greats sat in with us, Russ Phillips tbn, Allan Vache cl, Chuck
Hedges cl, Dan Barrett tbn, Jimmy Gallaway & Tommy Saunders tpt.

Tommy Newsom was supposed to do a set with us but had to cancel the festival
completely as his wife was ill.

Got to hear the Zenith Hot Stompers with listmate Judy emes.

It was a great festival.

Now, it is just wait 362 days until Jubilee '31.

BTW, I have played for all 30 Jubilees.

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