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Mon May 26 16:45:55 PDT 2003

Thinking it might be of interest to many oldster DJMLers, a couple of weeks
ago I mentioned that Genje Deitsch, creator of "The Cat" in the old Record
Changer magazine, had a new book coming out. Here's the latest from Gene.
(BTW, Zdenka is his wife's name, in case that reference might baffle you.
She's an animation film producer, too)

Bill Horton

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Subject: The Good, The Bad, & The New

GOOD NEWS: The long-awaited (55 years!)
publication of a complete collection of my Record
Changer magazine artwork, including all my cover
designs in full color, and all of the CAT cartoons I ever
did, for the Record Changer magazine and for others,
has now been published in an elegant (and heavy) hard
cover coffee-table book! (11X14 inches)  It should be
available in all bookshops having a section on cartoon
art, and also from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes
and Noble (bn.com).

Buy it if you remember the days of 78RPM jazz record
collecting.  The book will make you happy and make
me richer.  The name of the book, (thought up by my
genius left-handed son Kim), is:
"The CAT on a Hot Thin Groove"

BAD NEWS: Lionel Wilson, the voice of Tom Terrific,
Mighty Manfred, Crabby Appleton, and many other of
my animation characters both at UPA and Terrytoons,
died last week, at age 79 - the same age as I.  He was a
great talent.

GOOD NEWS: Zdenka and I have just completed our
latest film for Weston Woods Studios, Inc., "BARK,
GEORGE," adapted from a very funny doggie story - a
children's book by Jules Feiffer - our first project
together since our Oscar-winning production of Jules'
story MUNRO, 42  years ago!    "George" will soon be
barking at Weston Woods.  For info write Paul Gagne:
{mreilly at scholastic.com" }mreilly at scholastic.com

BAD NEWS:  I lost my mobile/cell/phone in the
Bohemian woods.  I depended on it, as does everyone
else these days. How did I lose it?  If I knew, I'd still
have it!     Due to uninteresting technical reasons,
I cannot retrieve my long-standing number.  This is a
pain for me, as my number has proliferated (is that the
right word?) around the world.  So I must now
proliferate anew.

My new number is: 728558 801   For those of you
not fortunate enough to live in the Czech Republic, you
have to dial + 420-728558801.  Write it down.
Put it in your pocket, especially on your pocket memo
gadget and/or your computer listing, or whatever.
Otherwise, you'll never find my ear.

XXX Gene

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