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> Is there a simple way to select particular portions of the sound files on 
> my 
> hard drive and cut and paste them together into another file which I can 
> then play back as a new file and even record it to tape or whatever?
> I can't use complicated stuff like cool edit and sound forge etc. It's too 
> complicated for me and does more than I really want.
There is a a shareware program called Audiacity which allows you to cut and 
paste sound files together.  It is quite neat, but you will have to spend some 
time to learn it.  It really isn't hard to do.  In fact, Cool Edit 2000 is 
also fairly intuitive and it could be used for the same purpose, but a little 
trickier to paste together multiple files.

<A HREF="http://audacity.sourceforge.net/about.php?lang=en">Download Audiacity</A>

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