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What do you think Bix's singing would have been like? Bunny Berigan's 
sub-Crosby warbling? Or more influenced by his favourite, Bessie Smith? 
Or like Pee Wee Russell's wonderful vocals?

Jim Denham

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>Hi All,
>I have just finished listening to the final "Bix Restored" CD after 
>taking 18 months to procur the 4 sets , the delay being due to 
>financial retraints.
>As is usual with me, I purchased Volume 1 last, and I have come to the 
>conclusion that Bix played his best stuff when he was with Goldkette.
>I reckon his 1927 Gang sides were his best, (along with "I'm Comng 
>Virginia") and the tracks with Goldkette were much more "jazzy" and 
>relaxed than a majority of the recordings, with the "King of Jazz".
>The only regret is that Bing didn't sing on any of them.
>This is of course only my opinion. The wonderful thing about 
>traditional jazz, and its affiliated music, is that everyone has a 
>different opinion or view on all aspects of the art, but when its all 
>boiled down it's still OKOM.
>Peter L.
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