[Dixielandjazz] news from downunder

Don Ingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Wed May 21 19:54:08 PDT 2003

Oh drat! Would I love to be down under to hear that bash honoring Lazy Ade.
Ade "adopted" me at Sacramento some years ago -- he said he thought I'd make
a good son, and gave me his blue beret-style cap, which I still have. He had
come there with Nevelle Stribling, Bob Barnard and some others from the
Melbourne school, and they played marvelously well. I was there with the
Sons of Bix, and we had earlier become good friends with the Bros. Barnard
and other on their tours over in US land. I have a photo taken at the
(legendary) bandstand at Hudson Lake, Indiana where Bix once played  and
there were four cornet pickers there - Tom Pletcher, Bob Barnard, Charlie
DeVore (of the old Hall Bros. band) and myself. On a chair was an old
classic cornet Bob has picked up in some junk shop, and placed on a chair as
a sort of "Stand in" for Bix.
Neville was a pleasing player on clar. and alto and also on the baritone
sax. I heard he later latched on to a big Bass sax and I bet he also played
it well. Ade was a marvelous spirit as well as a good player. And the meld
was just outstanding to hear.
Met Simon when he stopped in Grand Rapids, MI and he sat in with our
Michigan Nighthawks. The lad was solid goods already, and I would love to
hear him today. That he also picked up the saxes was interesting news, and
of course his dad would be proud of him in any case.
Someday, before I croak, I just have to get "down under" myself to re-meet
some good Oz players I have had great times with over here. Some of the
Sydney bunch is top flight as well. Chris Tapperell is a marvel in the
stride style. And Darky McCarthy -- a joyful cuss who plays clarinet about
as good as it gets. I do regret I will never have a chance to meet upagain
earthwise with friends Wally Wickham or John Costelloe who joined the
heavenly jam all too soon. But they were great fun to get to know and jam
with over here.
Anyone who sees LaAzy Ade, please pass on my best and tell him his "son"
thinks of him often.
Have a great date, and enjoy it twice as much on my behalf.
Don (envy isn't strong enough a word to describe feelings of not being
there) Ingle

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