[Dixielandjazz] Evolution of Jazz

Charlie Hooks charliehooks at earthlink.net
Tue May 20 22:25:56 PDT 2003

Dear Brian:

   Every day in every way I admire you more and more!

   I am sure that everything Steve says is worthy of being said; that his
attitudes are admirable; that he, himself, is a likeable admirable person; I
suspect he is a good player and am convinced he is an excellent bandleader
who keeps his guys working.  That said, I strongly second your every cavil.


on 5/20/03 9:27 AM, Brian Towers at janetshaw at sympatico.ca wrote:

Thanks for saying, up-front, that it is not for everyone on the list.  I
read it, just for curiosity, as I sometimes take a morbid or cynical
interest in what is currently happening in the brave new world of "evolved

While you name the writer, you do not tell us in which publication it
appears.  I would like to know this, as I would not want to make the mistake
of inadvertently buying it.

This is not a scene for which I crave, Steve - I prefer to remain

In reading carefully through this article by Ben Ratliff,  I can imagine
what my dear old mum might have said about it -  "What a load of
sanctimonious old clappfaertt!" or words to that effect.

Give me the "old jazz" any day.  By the "old jazz" I mean before the
"improvers" got to work on it and stripped it of its essence!
Brian Towers
(writing from SARS - free, or virtually free, Toronto but getting ready for
the summer West Nile virus)

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