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> A bass player was broke and wishing for a cheap vacation when he saw a 
> startling advertisement in the Sunday travel section of the New York Times: 
> "Mississippi Riverboat Cruises! Four days, three nights on the Big Muddy. 
> Special fare for bass players - $1.99! Bring your bass to claim the reduced 
> rate. Number of discount fares limited. Other restrictions may apply." 
> Feeling both a little incredulous and excited, he bundled up his dog house 
> and headed down to the docks. Locating the ticket window, he approached it a 
> little shyly, set down his bass and said, "I'm here to inquire about the $1.99 
> cruise for bass players."
> "Do you have your bass with you, sir?
> "You bet I do. It's right here."
> "Well, then there'll be no problem arranging your cruise. Where's your 
> $1.99"?"
> As he was digging into his front pants pocket he was hit on the back of the 
> head with a blunt object and fell to the ground.
> Waking some hours later, he found himself tied to his bass, floating down 
> the Mississippi, his head aching. Unable to free himself, he floated for some 
> time and after awhile, began to see real beauty in the passing riverscape, the 
> trees, herons startling out of the shallows, catfish surfacing. He fell off 
> to sleep for a little while.
> When he awoke, he became aware of another man, tied to a bass, floating near 
> him, and, realizing that he was famished and thirsty, he called over to the 
> other musician, "Hey, man. Do they serve any food or drinks on this cruise?"
> The other bass player replied "They didn't last year."

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