[Dixielandjazz] Re: Sweet and Hot Dance Bands vol. 1

Kazuya Deguchi deguchi_k at ybb.ne.jp
Mon May 19 12:18:14 PDT 2003

> A few weeks ago the new Audio Park CD ( APCD-6011 ) with twenty 1927-1931
> Victor recordings was released. If you are familiar with the Audio Park CDs,
> you know that these Japanese productions are from a high standard. If you
> are anxious to learn more about the CD (track list), you'll find a link to a
> review on my web site:
> http://members.lycos.nl/keepswinging/
> Keep swinging
> Hans Koert

Thank you, Hans, for your introduction of Audio Park CDs
to DJMLers. Also thank you for your review on Hit-Of-The
-Week reissues on IAJRC magazine.

We are distributing all Audio Park CDs worldwide. Please
find the detail through the Website shown below, though
not updated yet for very recently releases as follows ;

APCD-6009  Early White Jazz : Dixieland Volume 3 (1917-1925)
APCD-6010  Black Chicago Jazz : Southside Volume 1 (1923-1927)
APCD-6011  Sweet and Hot Dance Band Volume 1 (Victor Recordings
APCD-6012  White Chicago Jazz : The Austin High Gang featuring
           Frank Teschemacher (1927-1930)

We will provide information on these CDs for those who
have an interest. Please contact us personally through
e-mail to <deguchi_k at ybb.ne.jp>

Thank you again.

  Kazuya Deguchi (Tokyo, Japan)

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