[Dixielandjazz] A very base joke

Jerry Gordon jerrygordon at juno.com
Sat May 17 12:10:21 PDT 2003

I don't think this has appeared on this list beore, but if it has, please
forgive me. It's a little humor for an otherwise quiet day:

A bass player was broke and wishing for a cheap vacation when he saw a
startling advertisement in the Sunday travel section of the New York
Times: "Mississippi Riverboat Cruises! Four days, three nights on the Big
Muddy. Special fare for bass players - $1.99! Bring your bass to claim
the reduced rate. Number of discount fares limited. Other restrictions
may apply." 
Feeling both a little incredulous and excited, he bundled up his dog
house and headed down to the docks. Locating the ticket window, he
approached it a little shyly, set down his bass and said, "I'm here to
inquire about the $1.99 cruise for bass players."
"Do you have your bass with you, sir?
"You bet I do. It's right here."
"Well, then there'll be no problem arranging your cruise. Where's your
As he was digging into his front pants pocket he was hit on the back of
the head with a blunt object and fell to the ground.
Waking some hours later, he found himself tied to his bass, floating down
the Mississippi, his head aching. Unable to free himself, he floated for
some time and after awhile, began to see real beauty in the passing
riverscape, the trees, herons startling out of the shallows, catfish
surfacing. He fell off to sleep for a little while.
When he awoke, he became aware of another man, tied to a bass, floating
near him, and, realizing that he was famished and thirsty, he called over
to the other musician, "Hey, man. Do they serve any food or drinks on
this cruise?"
The other bass player replied "They didn't last year."

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