[Dixielandjazz] Abe's speeches and mine

Robyn Hardie darnhard at ozemail.com.au
Sat May 17 11:15:14 PDT 2003

Sorry Dick.
                 My irony seems to have gone astray too, no offense 
intended to Mr (President) Lincoln.  I have enjoyed the Bolden thread, 
even the wry humour (or is it humor). I was glad to have a chance to 
comment again on one of the forgotten men ( Not Abe Lincoln - Buddy) 
and boost one of my pet projects; to hear a good  reconstruction of his 
band.. Keep well
Dan Hardie
On Friday, May 16, 2003, at 01:55  PM, Richard Broadie wrote:

> HI Dan,
> Abe Lincoln, the trombone player, played with a thousand wonderful 
> musicians and is definitely OKOM.  He ACTUALLY has a discography.   On 
> the other hand,  Abe Lincoln, the president, has a discography that is 
> exactly identical to Buddy Bolden's with the total number of 
> recordings = 0.   This is what I was referring to.  A couple of 
> sentences later I asked you to forgive me for my bizarre sense of 
> humor.   Sorry if you didn't recognize my humble attempt to have a 
> little fun.
> Now for the lecture:
> To some, the djml is strictly an educational forum where facts and 
> figures should be precisely documented and disseminated.   For others, 
> such as me, who's been on and off the list for probably 10 years (has 
> it been that long?), it is an interactive way of discussing the music 
> with friends of many years in a manner that is both educational and 
> entertaining.   Look at all the great information and fun that 
> resulted from my question on Buddy Bolden's discography.  As I said in 
> my previous post, I caution you that I do have a bizarre sense of 
> humor.
> Five weeks ago, I had a large colon cancer surgically removed.  Since 
> then, I've been put in "reverse isolation" meaning that I can't hang 
> out or gig with my usual group of musician friends due to iatrogenic 
> effects of chemotherapy.   Hope you don't mind if I now rejoin a group 
> of musicians and friends who can only contaminate my depressed white 
> blood cell count with computer viruses.   Incidentally, I don't plan 
> to mention my cancer again other than to publicly proclaim, with the 
> help of thousands of prayers already said for me, I'm gonna beat that 
> disease and stick another entire generation with my bizarre sense of 
> humor, and maybe a dozen or so well played notes.
> Dick Broadie
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>   Dick,
>   Who did Abe Lincoln play with and why his speeches? Are they OKOM?
>   regards
>   Dan Hardie
>   Check out the website;
>   http://members.ozemail.com.au/~darnhard/EarlyJazzHistory.html
>   On Friday, May 16, 2003, at 10:06 AM, Richard Broadie wrote:
>     Do you think that we should now discuss a discography of Abe 
> Lincoln
>     speeches or have I taken us too far astray? :-)
>     I'm delighted to see how this Buddy Bolden thread has taken on a 
> life of its
>     own and the interesting posts coming in from all over the world.
>     Thanks for your acceptance of my bizarre sense of humor. Or should 
> I warn
>     you that this may just be the warm up. (Groan - everyone!) Dick B
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