[Dixielandjazz] Don Stewart

Sam Meerkin/Evelyne Perks smeerkin at melbpc.org.au
Fri May 16 16:23:54 PDT 2003

Yes, he's a young star.  Don Stewart came to Melbourne (The Aust.home of Jazz) from Sydney a few years ago.  I've known him since he was an "ankle biter" playing with his younger brothers at Australian Jazz Conventions.  I've watched his development in awe of his talent.  His first instrument is trumpet, but he's an inspiration on trom. too.  He took over on trumpet with Fireworks when Simon Stribling went to Canada.  At present, he's playing with a band called "Virus", led by another precocious young talent called Chris Tanner, who plays reeds.  The band is attracting a whole new audience of younger people to OKOM at a gig called 'The Laundry' here in Melb.  Their first CD, "With Her Dixie Blazin' " is a beauty. 
 I love the Sydney Jazz scene too, but they're not too good at promoting OKOM, it seems.  Years ago we lost some Melb. stars such as the Barnard Bros. & Graeme Bell to Sydney.  Now the tide seems to be turning.

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