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True, there are no Buddy Bolden recordings, so one can not be sure how =
he sounded. Some musicians like Bob Lyons and George Baquet asserted =
that they had recorded with Bolden around 1903 or 1904 (Make Me a Pallet =
+ Chicken), but the cylinders have not been found - and they probably =
never will!

Humphrey Lyttelton and Russell Davies presented an LP "The World of =
Buddy Bolden" in 1986 and The Imperial Serenaders a CD "Music of the =
Bolden Era" in 1999. Both projects were very interesting and they =
created a probably most genuine sound. Dave Radlauer=B4s project is also =
a very valuable contribution.

We =3D The Gota River Jazzmen, Gothenburg, Sweden, have just recorded =
our 6th CD, which we hope will be issued in June. The title   =
"=85Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Play" should not be taken literally: =
Buddy Bolden=B4s Band certainly did not sound like The Gota River =
Jazzmen! It is of course a travesty of the lyrics "I thought I heard =
Buddy Bolden say=85" from the tune FUNKY BUTT or BUDDY BOLDEN'S BLUES. =
We have just tried to give our version of some tunes that Buddy Bolden =
definitely or most likely played.=20

We have searched in all literature available: the pioneering work of =
Donald M. Marquis, "In search of Buddy Bolden", Daniel Hardie=B4s "The =
Loudest Trumpet" and many other sources including the Buddy Bolden web =
site by Carlos "Froggy" May =

 We have a list of 60 possible Bolden tunes, and we will include this =
list and a bibliography on our web site.=20

Ingemar Wagerman
Prastgardsangen 17
Piano, Gota River Jazzmen http://listen.to/gotariver

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