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The verse is standard I Got Rhythm changes with lyrics to Lush Life
superimposed.  There's also an extra 2 bar tag on the bridge (remember
Winchester Cathedral?) .  The original key is F# in case you don't remember.
It's usually performed at Country Western Fugue Festivals.  Hope this info
is helpful to the cause 'cause I don't know what I'm talking about either.
:-)   Dick

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> > would like to find the lead sheet for the following:
> >
> > I'm gonna charleston back to Charleston Caroline
> > Only a shanty in old shanty town
> > I'm still not through missing you
> > I'm goimg to sit right down and write myself a letter
> >
> Wow..with lyrics like these, the song must be a duezy to play.  What's the
> verse like?
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