[Dixielandjazz] RE Comic book writers as OKOM fans

Charles Coleman charliew8fim at ncool.net
Wed May 14 23:28:07 PDT 2003

Hi, Listees;    OKOM is likely to crop up in unexpected places, and in this instance it was from a couple of Ohio syndicated cartoonists (sunday funnies) by the names of Batiuk and Ayers who do a strip called "Crankshaft" about a crumudgenly (sp) old man by that name.  However over a period of several weeks, they did a series about Bunny Berigan.   The plot (loosely) concerned Ralph Meckling, a friend of Crankshaft.   Meckling is shown first as a young horn-playing fan of Berrigan, who followed his Idol to New York, Jammed with Bunny and Armstrong, ran afoul of the "mob" eventually returning to Ohio.  In the final episodes, he goes to Fox Lake, Wisconsin for the annual Bunny Berigan festival.  I believe this series can be found at           www.uexpress.com       

regards,   Charlie (lurking) de W8FIM, IAJRC, FIGA, Coleman

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