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Dear Bill.,
Some, or more probably most, of us will not be at the Berkeley session. 
What do we do if we want a mail order copy of the book? Thanks.

Bill Horton wrote:

>Some of you, I'm sure, remember "The Cat" cartoons by Gene Deitsch in the
>old Record Changer magazine.  Friend Gene just emailed me about his recent
>trip to the US (from his home in Prague) and enclosed an attachment about a
>new book of his old cartoons just out.
>If you aren't familiar with his cartoons you might as well delete now, but
>if you are a fan, I've copied the attachment below.
>Bill Horton
>           WHEN: FROM 7 to 8 P.M., FRIDAY, MAY 16th
>We want to thank you for your support of Fantagraphics through the years by
>inviting you to a very special event. FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS and COMIC RELIEF
>are pleased to present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: the chance to meet
>and mingle with the Academy Award-winning animator and cartoonist GENE
>DEITCH, author of THE CAT ON A HOT THIN GROOVE (and father to fellow
>cartoonist KIM DEITCH!).
>This is the only public appearance that Deitch, 79, will be making to
>THE CAT ON A HOT THIN GROOVE. The cartoonist, who has lived in Prague
>for over 30 years, will be returning home to Eastern Europe that weekend,
>this an extremely rare opportunity to meet a living legend.
>On the long road to becoming an Oscar-winning animation director,
>Gene Deitch became an intense jazz fan. At the age of 21 in 1945, he
>discovered The
>Record Changer magazine, a jazz collector's magazine filled with fanatical,
>and purist essays about jazz as well as listings of hard-to-find jazz
>Deitch created a cartoon feature for Record Changer titled "The Cat," which
>quickly became
>a fixture at the magazine. He also started drawing the covers, which graced
>every issue from 1945 to 1951 along with "The Cat." Deitch's stylistically
>images exquisitely embodied the essence of jazz and became a visual paean to
>the joy of
>collecting and appreciating jazz.
>Fantagraphics Books is proud to collect all of Deitch's Record Changer
>and "Cat" cartoons in one coffee-table, landscape-format art book,
>reproducing his
>covers in the same gorgeous colors in which they first appeared as well
>as the black-and-white Cat cartoons and a commentary by Deitch - who later
>on to become an award-wining animator as the Creative Director of
>where he created Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog for The
>Captain Kangaroo
>Show, as well as many other animated features.
>This event is not being advertised or promoted to the media, although it is
>open to anyone,
>so feel free to forward to interested parties. But we are intending it to be
>an intimate evening
>for fans and friends of Mr. Deitch's, and you are receiving this invitation
>because you are
>either a valued friend, colleague or supporter of Fantagraphics and/or Mr.
>Eric Reynolds
>Official Shill, Fantagraphics Books              THE CAT ON A HOT THIN
>By Gene Deitch
>                                    $39.95 . 200 pp. . Full-Color .
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