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Hello all,

The Jelly Roll Morton website ha been updated with the following items:

Alan Wallace sends a pictorial advert from The Indianapolis Freeman, 
Saturday, 3rd January 1914 for The Pompei Cafe and Buffet.   No mention 
Jelly, but he worked there as musical director in August 1914.   This 
is in
the "ON THE ROAD, 1905-1917" section.    Scroll down to NEW revolving 


Alan Wallace sends an item from The Chicago Defender, dated Saturday, 
November 1921.    This is a corrected date, where Jelly claims that the
report of his death which is raging throughout the civilized world and 
South, is exaggerated.   This is in the "CALIFORNIA DAYS, 1917-SPRING 
section.   Scroll down to NEW revolving icon.


Continuing with the "speech" transcription project of the Library of
Congress recordings, the following items have been added :

AFS 1646 B - Robert Charles story and Game Kid's Blues

AFS 1647 A - Monologue on Game Kid and Buddy Carter

AFS 1647 B - Monologue on New Orleans death customs and food

These items can be accessed from the linked text in the UPDATED PAGES 
at :


Scroll down to NEW revolving icons.

Musically yours


morton at monrovia15.freeserve.co.uk
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