[Dixielandjazz] Re: "the cat"

Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Wed May 14 15:34:20 PDT 2003

Dear Bill,
You lucky so-'n-so!!!
I was a Record Changer subscriber and adored the great Gene Deitch covers and
cartoons (which started in the Dec 1945 issue).
My copies of the magazine are on permanent (accessible) loan to a jazz friend,
as I have no room here for them.
However, I am, at this moment, looking at my copy of the little 1948 A5 book
'the cat', with commentary by George Avakian.
In those halcyon days of our jazz youth we (Tony Standish, Bob Barnard and me)
could describe all the cartoons and quote the captions verbatim.
Mr Deitch is a mate of English jazz collector/authority/writer and publisher of
the late discographal mag Storyville,
Many of Mr Deitch's cartoon were specially done for Laurie and published, in the
80s-90s, as Storyville covers.
The 'cat' cartoons were on a 1998 web site
but when I pulled it up just know there were no images.
Please give him him (and his alter ego, the cat) very best wishes from an
unknown admirer in Oz.
Kind regards,

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