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Williams, Bob robert.c.williams at eds.com
Tue May 13 18:52:27 PDT 2003

The Fireworks Jazz Band is not playing the Jubilee this year.

Simon, who is currently living in Vancouver, B.C., will be playing with
Polly's Hot Paupers, a band run by Paul Edgerton's wife, Polly.  This is a
refreshing low-key band that emulates an Eddie Condon style.  Look for them.

Bob Williams

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> Hello All,  I have a program for the  pre jubilee Sacramento 
> performances and it includes Fireworks that listed their home base as 
> Australia in past years.   I think that Simon Stribling  now lives in 
> British Columbia but the rest of the band hails from the land 
> of Oz.  My 
> official program has not arrive  yet  so I have no further 
> information.  
> Tom Bengtsson Pleasanton, Ca.
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