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That was what? Pat.. about 1903??

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> Hi All,
> What is all this hoo ha about playing the garden hose?.
> It was  a regular act when I used to go to Music Hall when I was a kid. It
> never struck me (not a horn player) as being particularly funny or
> particularly clever. Anyone who can make a noise out of a piece of coiled
> metal tube should be able to make a noise from a piece of coiled rubber,
> plastic.
> The player, who always had a female assistant who was stacked, usually did
> all the tricks which have been mentioned, playing with the foot, blowing
> bubbles from the bell etc..
> Usually there would also be on the theatre bill, performing dogs, a
> and a pianist plus singer but the best was always the performing seals
> threw beach balls to each other and so on but always ended the act by
> God Save the King on a set of bulb type car horns. That was really clever.
> Of course there was usually a stripper, except that she didn`t strip as it
> was actually against the law to have nudes on stage which moved .
> Consequently the stripper, Jane of the Daily Mirror, a character in a
> cartoon,probably remembered by many servicemen serving in the UK in the
> assumed `classic` poses, often recreations of famous paintings. Judgement
> Paris was a favourite
> Much more to the liking of a young boy than idiots blowing through garden
> hoses.
> Caw, I have broken out in a sweat just thinking about it. I think I will
> and lay down.
> Cheers
> PatL
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