FW: [Dixielandjazz] OKOM in Chicago?

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Sun May 11 14:37:05 PDT 2003

Tito, I didn't answer your question as we have so many local Chicago
guys on DJML now.  However, either I'm not getting all the posts or no
one has made an attempt at helping you.

I posted a similar request before a two nite stay in Chicago.  The main
business/shopping area is just absolutely beautiful, and is wonderful
for an early evening stroll.  If you are traveling with your wife, make
sure the stroll is AFTER the shops close, as the stroll will quickly
convert into a shopping trip!  :>

We went to Andy's Jazz Club.  They have a website, so you can see who is
on.  OKOM is early evening, and you can dine while listening (not
expensive).  Russ Phillips' Band was playing when I was there, and you
would certainly want to say hello to Kim Cusack (clarinet) in his band.
When I met him he said "oh, you're Jim,  the trombonist that lives in
Madrid!".   That made me feel great!  Actually, Kim used to be on DJML,
and that's why he recognized my name.......
There is an entrance fee of $5, even if you're dining, but that's not
bad.  Band was good, but a bit bored from doing an every evening gig, it
seemed to me.  I felt they could have been doing so much more....  Noisy
crowd, and a piano that is not amplified well.  Still, all in all, it's
certainly worth a visit.  Lots of tunes you will know.

We found another jazz club, but it was modern & cost about $30 just to
go into the room to sit practically on your own to listen to the band.  

We went, instead to the Underground Wonder Bar:
which had a really fantastic blues band, with a real bad mouthed lady
leading the band on piano:  Lonie Walker - pianist, singer/songwriter,
arranger and bandleader. 

Other than her & her mouth, the band was absolutely tops.:  The Big Bad
Ass Company Band.  
This is hard blowing, electric blues, so be warned.  I loved it, but it
may not be your cup of tea.
Lots of smoke & jam packed (although they told me to put out my cigar,
go figure!).  Cost to get in:  $5.

Both those places are right in the busy center of town.  There must be
more in other parts more difficult to get to without having a local

I'm off to Boston myself for a week (son graduating from Boston College,
to go on to a Masters degree at London School of Economics!).  Hope to
meet up with fellow DJML'r
Ron L'Herault.  Going to be enjoying the monetary exchange rate, which
for once is finally in my favor!  May even buy a few things this time
'round.  In previous years, prices have been double what they should be
due to bad rates.  Don't know if your money is treated so nicely, also,
Tito, in the U.S. now?


Enjoy, Jim

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