[Dixielandjazz] Re: George Morrow obituary

Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Sat May 10 10:52:38 PDT 2003

Dear Sheik,
What a shock!
The Old Masters (TOM), mentioned in the obit you kindly posted, has been an
important jazz record label since the 1970s and is well represented in my
I had all of the 55 LPs produced in California by Max Abrams.
These excellent TOM LPs were issued for discerning collectors, without notes and
contained only the barest of information.
Presumably on the assumption that the purchasers were jazz and 'hot dance'
record collectors who knew what it was all about.
I do not know for certain if George Morrow did the 78 transfers for the LPs, but
suspect that he did.
TOM issued their first CDs in 1995 (reissues by Fred Rich and Ben Selvin) which
used, and supplemented, some of the LP material. Other CD reissues by TOM drew
from their LP series.
To this they added important new reissues of rare material by artists and bands
including Mildred Bailey, Frank Trumbauer, Victor Territory Bands, Fred Waring,
Coon-Sanders Night Hawks (complete), Six Jumping Jacks (only 2 Vols so far), Jan
Garber, Fred Hall, Crown House Bands and Isham Jones (which I received last
week). For a full list check out: 
It would seem that the CD project was initiated by George Morrow, whose Echo
Productions is credited with the sound restoration. 
I have all 33 TOM CDs released to date.
TOM's quality has always been of the highest standard, limited only by the
rarity and condition of the original 78s.
And boy, did Mr Morrow and his friends dig out some rare 78s!
Ex listmate Warren Vache, snr has contributed notes to the CD series, which in
itself indicates the high standard of scholarship. 
Other contributors include the knowledgable writers Rob Bamberger, Randy
Skretvedt and Richard Sudhalter.
No, I do not have any connection with The Old Masters.
Just a grateful Australian admirer of what TOM have done for us over many years.
I only hope that someone will continue this great work, now that the incredible
Mr Morrow has gone.
Kind regards,

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