[Dixielandjazz] Jazz on Mother's Day in Monterey

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What do you mean, far away places.  I am a five minute drive from the RI
boarder.  That's not far away.  8-).  Unfortunately, there is not that much
live jazz in my area.  I play in a RI based Dixieland band, the only
non-pick-up group in the state, I believe.

Ron L
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Hello to All,
Since my children and grandchildren all live in faraway places (Arizona,
Kansas, and Rhode Island) I will be spending Mother's Day in Monterey
(California), listening to Leon Oakley and the Friends of Jazz.
This wonderful band includes Leon on trumpet, Clint Baker on guitar, Richard
Hadlock on reeds, Marc Caparone on string bass, Hal Smith on drums, and Ray
Skjelbred on piano.  It promises to be a sterling event.
The music begins at noon.  The address is Moose Lodge at 555 Canyon Del Rey
Road in Del Rey Oaks (Monterey).  Check mapquest.com for better directions
than I can give.
This is a combined event, sponsored by both the Monterey and South Bay jazz
Rich Owens can answer questions (408) 736-3589.
I hope to see you there!  Happy Mother's Day!
Rae Ann, in San Francisco

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