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Robert S. Ringwald ringwald at calweb.com
Thu May 8 23:35:49 PDT 2003

Bill Haesler said, regarding the Teagarden album that Bob Newman asked

> Jack Teagarden And His Jazz Band
> 'Jazz Maverick!'.
> Roulette R 25119 and SR 25119 (stereo). My copy is an Australian pressing
> 25119.
> Don Goldie, t/v; Jack Teagarden, tb/v; Harry Cuesta, cl; Don Ewell, p;
> Puls, sb; Ronnie Greb, d.
> Recorded at Bell Sound Studio, NYC.
> 2 Jan 1960
> High Society
> Aunt Hager's Country Home   vJT/DG
> A Hundred Years From Today   vJT
> Blue Dawn
> Tin Roof Blues
> 25 Jan 1960
> Roundtable Romp
> Ain'tcha Glad   v JT
> Riverboat Shuffle
> Ever Lovin' Baby   vJT

BR- I'll bet the clarinet player is Henry Cuesta, not Harry.

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