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Fri May 9 01:27:28 PDT 2003

Dear Puzzled on Wake Island:
   Having seen some of the messages that you seem to have missed, be
There has been much use of the delete button of late for all the redundant
re-posting of messages to which nothing new was added -- just a copy of
someone else's post.
   Michigan is getting green though the Great Lakes are getting low and we
have new islands for getting puzzled on. Our lilacs are about to bloom --
can the lilies of the valley be far behind? Still rather cool yet, and the
trout have not started to look up as much as they normally would. Fishing
wets more than dries.
   That's the news from your home state. More than you wanted to know, I
They say the Shiawassee is cleaner and the smallmouth bass fishing really
worth the going. And Curwood's Castle still stands in Owosso. Over West in
Ovid, my dad's ashes are resting just nine miles away. Little known fact
that few are aware of.
Glad to be adding to your jazz trivia as it relates to an old Shiawassian as
you are. Be brave, be of courage, and drink only good stuff.
   Semper Fi,
   Don Ingle

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> Hello All,
> Is anyone else having problems getting all the mail on the list?  I get a
> regular amount of mail, but for several weeks now, I see nothing from
> Barbone except the inclusion on a response to one of his messages like
> below.  I've noticed several other occasions of folks responding to
> I'd never received in the original.
> Puzzled on Wake Island,
> Ron Wheeler
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> > > Sorry to be late with this, been running about quite a bit. About Vic
> > > Dickenson, as Jim Beebe says, not only was he one of the greats, but
> > > knew just about every tune there ever was, in several styles of jazz.
> > >
> > > Cheers,
> > > Steve Barbone
> > >
> >
> >    Vic Dickenson was on more recordings, I believe, than any other jazz
> > trombonist.  And every one is enhanced by his presence and fine trombone
> > work.  He is on a wide range of recordings from Art Hodes-Edmond Hall to
> > Basie to Eddie Condon to Louis Armstrong to Ruby Braff and on and on.
> > ...
> >    Jim Beebe
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