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> Dear Charlie, Jim and Butch.
> What an asset to the DJML it would be if Wayne Jones could be enticed to 
> join.
> Wayne took us under his wing when we visited Chicago, enroute to Toronto 
> and
> Alaska in 1985 for wife Jess's 50th birthday.
> He entertained us strangers from Sydney, Australia at home for lunch, 
> played us
> records, took us to a Salty Dogs' band reunion the next day, introduced us 
> to
> the band and close fans and pointed me in the right direction so far as 
> record
> shops were concerned.
> We corresponded for a while, but it drifted off, as these things eventually 
> do.
> His knowledge of OKOM (including Oz stuff) is phenomenal.
> A great writer too.
> Wayne also happens to be one of the best jazz drummers around. 
> Rock solid, and a listener, with a vast knowledge of the subject gained 
> from
> studying the old masters. 
> Outwardly a curmudgeon, we found that he has a heart of gold.
> And just a a wee bit younger than us too! Except young Butch, of course!
> However, I can't imagine Wayne embracing computer technology - but one 
> never
> knows, do one?
> I hope he is around when next we visit Chicago. 
> Kind regards,
> Bill.
> PS: Wayne would be an interesting subject for a discography. 
> He pops up everywhere.

    Wayne Jones is easily accessible at 630-782-5832
     188 East Grantley
     Elmhurst, IL  60126

Jim Beebe

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