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Too late Jim.... damage is done!  Vic Dickenson was one of the unique
"voices" of jazz.  An incredible technician who always played "with" the
group, tailoring his level of musicianship to the other players.  His
"sound" always had a chuckle in it as if he were enjoying himself
thoroughly, and later in his career he could outplay other trombonists even
with one lung.  One of the "greats" of the sliphorn!


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> >  Yeah, I played a set with Vic Dickenson (and, come to think of it,
> > was also there) at the Big Horn in Mundelien, IL. back in--I think--1973
> > maybe '74.  I can't account for my impression of him: maybe he was more
> > than
> > a bit overserved; but, then again, maybe he always sounded that way.
But I
> > thought I was playing next to some guy with a garden hose and a
> >
> > puzzled,
> > Charlie
>    Careful now, Charlie, Vic Dickenson is one of the all time great jazz
> trombonists with his own unique style and sound.  My advice is not to
> us Vic Dickenson enthusiasts.
>    Jim Beebe
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