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Hi Ivor,

The Studs Terkel book was number 61.



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>Hi Jim,
>I have all of the Jazz Book Club Books from Number 1 (1956)to Number 45
>(1963) except Numbers 9,  41 and 43  The club also issued a number of
>extras. Condon's Treasury of Jazz , Ulanov's A History of Jazz in America,
>Billie Hollidays Lady Sings the Blues,( which has in MHO the best first line
>in any of my collection of books)  Jazz Masters of the 30's by Alex Stewart.
>all of which I have. To my regret, as a lover of Studs Terkel's books, I do
>not possess  Giants of Jazz. What number was it. I would be interested to
>know. Anybody ?
>Ivor Jones
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>> According to the 'Acknowledgements' foreword to Studs Terkel's book,
>> 'Giants of Jazz':
>> The book itself was published by the 'Jazz Book Club', an English
>> enterprise of the 1950's that I don't know much about (and would be
>> interested to learn more about). They also published Mezz Mezzrow's
>> extraordinary "Really The Blues"- a book that deserves more discussion
>> (if only to finally dismiss it as a load of entertaining but
>> self-serving bunkum)
>> Studs's book is made up of journalistic profiles of Joe Oliver, Louis
>> Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Bix, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Benny
>> Goodman, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton and
>> Dizzy Gillespie
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