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Don Ingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Wed May 7 07:39:54 PDT 2003

Butch wrote:
>>I doubt Wayne has a computer, or that he is inclined to get one.  He sure
 does have a typewriter, though, as many of us know from having marveled at
 his ability to fit 10,000 words onto a postcard.<<

Make that 12,500 words since he got a typewriter with Elite type. I actually
go one better -- I got a phone call from Wayne two weeks ago, on his nickel,
thanking me for sending a CD I burned of some live Sons of Bix sets we did
(part of which was at Hall Brothers Emporium of Jazz when you were on the
House Band opposite of us).
Wayne actually talked for some length of time, that in itself being a first,
since he doesn't like long conversations on the phone as a rule, either.
He is one original and a good friend, even if a graduate of the Indiana
School for Curmudgeonry. He is also the best, tastiest, and most accurately
studied trad drummer I ever played with. Never too much, always just the
right stuff.
My wife Jean has kept a scrapbook of Wayne's epic post cards, by the way.
Best regards,
Don Ingle

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