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>    As you know Studs Terkel has done a daily radio show in Chicago for many 
> years.  His Show is carried on WFMT, a high quality Classical music 
> station.  

Alas, Studs no longer does his WFMT show, but he is still a highly 
recognizable figure around Chicago. I had a great visit with him over 
breakfast last year when I was in Chicago for a few days, shortly after the 
city had honored him on his 90th birthday with a big citywide party.

Studs was pleased by the gesture, but quick to point out, however, how times, 
success and a Pulitzer prize can change peoples' attitudes to a person. 
During the McCarthy era he was harassed by some locals so badly that he lost 
his TV show and found work in the city very difficult to obtain. Thanks to 
WFMT and a few loyal friends, he rode it out.

"I got a big plaque from the mayor (Richard Daley Jr.) testifying to how much 
Chicago thinks of me," he said, "but 45-50 years ago his father  was all but 
trying to run me out of town. Ah, well, what goes around comes around."

Feisty as ever, always on the lookout for injustice, accessible to anyone who 
says hi, Studs is a treasure--he has made a big mark on the city he loves.

Jack Tracy

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