[Dixielandjazz] Oliver, revivalism and classification

Chris Tyle tyleman at toast.net
Sun May 4 00:19:48 PDT 2003

Regarding David Littlefield's questions, this is what I can provide

>Questions about Oliver's records, raised because >the ensembles are so
>Let's deal first with the 2 cornets:
>1. Were the arrangements written?
I personally don't think so. But there were obviously concert lead sheets,
as these were deposited for copyright purposes at the Library of Congress.
Oliver and Armstrong had worked together in New Orleans and no doubt had
developed a certain rapport.

2. If not, were the tunes played played often on gigs (I assume they must
have been rehearsed pretty intensely)

Both Louis and Baby Dodds mention rehearsals. Louis states that he went
directly from the train station to the Lincoln Gardens for a rehearsal, his
first day in Chicago. Baby Dodds talks about rehearsing "Canadian Capers"
with the band.

>5. Who improvised and where?

Listening to the records, there are parts that were played strictly and
others improvised. I think the best way to tell is listening to the
alternate takes  (Mabel's Dream, Riverside Blues) or where there were two
versions (Dippermouth, Working Man Blues and again, Riverside).

I recall someone in the band, perhaps Lil, stating that they played the
tunes they recorded on the gig many times before the recording sessions. So
they had ample time to work them out.

Hope that helps...

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