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> My experience has been that my perception my own volume was greatly
> affected long before I was aware of it.  I would be turning up my mike and
> others (sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes exasperatedly) turning it back
> down.  Then, have a few drinks and all volume-perception can fly out the
> window: you just don't realize how much noise you're making until the
> neighbors call the cops or the manager fires the band.
>   To make my point: a player who realizes all too well that he's suffered
> profound hearing loss can be communicated with right out front; he'll
> probably appreciate the feedback.  I certainly do.  I now inform the band
> right away if I'm new to it that I'll appreciate their yelling at me if I'm
> out of line.  Consequently I've been able to compensate mentally and blend
> in much better so no one usually has to yell at me, and that's that.
>   I agree with Dan Augustine that all comments, no matter how gently
> phrased, work better if they come from the leader.
> Charlie, the Deaf Old Geezer

   One unfortunate thing in the case of Charlie Hooks's hearing loss is that 
he doesn't fully get to hear how good he really does sound.  Deaf, dumb and 
blind... Charlie Hooks will play finer, tastier clarinet than most of the 
hotshots around.   

  My misfortune is that I don't get to play with him anymore.  We made a lot 
of good music together, over many years and many varied gigs.  Charlie always 
delivered.  And still does.  I treasure those experiences and those memories.

  Jim Beebe

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