[Dixielandjazz] logomachy & Too Loud?

willc willc at nova.edu
Fri May 2 18:46:23 PDT 2003

Regarding Steve's dissertation on band volume and balance, this old

The travelling band is enroute from one one-nighter to the next when the
snowstorm hits. The bass player and drummer are in a station wagon with
snow tires and make it to the gig site, but the rest of the band is
stranded about thirty miles away waiting for the snowplows. The leader
gets the bassist on his cell phone and says, "We're gonna make the gig,
but we're gonna be late. Tell the manager, then you guys go ahead and
start on time and do what you can."

So the drummer and the bassist set up, get into their tuxes, and open
with seventeen choruses of "Big Noise from Winnetka". Then they vamp for
ten minutes and the drummer says "Do you think we sound okay?"

The bassist says "Keep playing, and I'll go take a listen". He lays down
his bass, goes out into the audience and walks around. When he's
finished, he returns to the stage, picks up his axe and begins to play

"Well", asks the drummer, "how is it?"

"Too much drums", says the bass man. 


Will Connelly
River Liffey Saloon Jazz Band
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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