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I feel the same way when I pass the old Jazz Ltd. Club at 164 E. Grand --
now a Italian sub and pasta joint. I worked in the house band there from '63
to '68, along with Jim Beebe for one, Barrett Deems for another.
The 1111 Club, under the L on Brynn Mar, was one of my haunts in the 50's.
Cornetist Delbert Lincoln Aronson, or Del Lincoln, was a family friend and
lived in the same Apt. building in Chicago's North Side in the '30's when I
was a kid. Del was of Scandinavian origin but many bigoted idiots in Chicago
though his name sounded Jewish and there was some prejudice at work there,
so he changed it to Del Lincoln to avoid being shut out of work. Crazy, but
it was there.
Jug Berger worked with Georg on Clarinet was awhile. Pianist Mel Grant
filled in sometimes, but later worked mostly at Jazz Ltd at the first club,
11 E. Grand. Ralph Blank also worked it for awhile, but later was managing a
radio station and quit playing. He had been with the Weems Band at the same
time my Dad was on it in the later '30's
Danny Alvin worked with Joe Marsala a lot and with Marty Marsala. Used to do
these Italian accent gags all the time ..."Hey - what's a-that in the water?
A U Boat?
Naw, that's not-a my boat, it must-a be you boat!" Boom crash!
Fine drummer -- seldom mentioned any more. Pity.
Don Ingle

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I came across an entry you had left on the net back in May '02 about Georg
Brunis. I spent a fair amount of time sucking up low end Bourbon in the 1111
Club 50 years ago. Maybe you can answer some questions that linger in a
foggy memory. Georg was sided by a piano and a clarinet along with Hey, Hey
and Del. For a time I believe one of them was Roy Wasson (spelling ?). If he
was on clarinet then who did the piano or vice versa? I once asked Franz
Jackson and he came up with a name but I didn't recognize it or simply
forgot it. Other questions that I'd like to have the fog lift on. Where was
Mickey and Maxie's Miracle Bar? Franz thought it was out south. I seemed to
recall it as being on the north side but I can't really recall any
specifics. Also, what might you know about Danny Alvin who played at the
Argyle Lounge on Argyle St (if anything).
Do you know where George is buried?
I don't know where you live, maybe Chicago, so this won't be news, but the
last time I saw the 1111 Club it was an oriental glasses store. I guess
everyone needs to have a supplier for eyewear but it destroyed me to see a
sacred institution being used for such a purpose.
Your description of the 1111 Club and Georg were on target. He may have been
"tiring" but I never got tired of listening to Ugly Child.
I've babbled much too long. Mea culpa.
Take care,
Bob Mc Nichols
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