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>Pete Fountain's solo on "Tin Roof Blues" with the BASIN STREET SIX is the
>best clarinet solo ever!  AND, he was only 19 years old!
Rae Ann & DJML--
     What!  Quel fromage!  I think i'm offended (unless i left it in
my other pants).  (I had another exclamation-point after that last
sentence, but then i remember the maxim that no message should have
more than two exclamation-points, so i changed it to a period.  Cf.
John Barth's _End of the Road_ for prescriptive grammarianism, of
which this is not an example.)
     Some months back i made a CD sampler for the young
clarinet-player in our novice dixieland-band.  She's a good player,
but just hasn't heard much dixieland, especially clarinet players
from decades ago.  I started with Pete Fountain's CD of fellow
clarinetists, but included some others of more recent vintage.  I
might choose other cuts today, and all of us can think of other
players or other songs that might (should) perhaps be included, but
this was just some samples for her to listen to.  I particularly like
the solos by Allan Vaché, Ken Peplowshi, and especially Evan
Christopher (oddly enough, each with Jim Cullum's band).

"Basin Street Blues", Kenny Davern with The Dixie Rebels
"My Inspiration", Irving Fazola with Bob Crosby & His Orchestra

"Perdido Street Blues", Sidney Bechet with Louis Armstrong

"Take My Hand, Precious Lord", George Lewis

"Wild Man Blues", Johnny Dodds's Black Bottom Stompers

"Love Is Just around the Corner", Pee Wee Russell & E Condon

"Dame Blanche", Bob Wilbur with Jack Teagarden

"Sweet Lorraine", Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra

"Show Piece", Edmond Hall & His Quartet with Teddy Wilson

"Beau Koo Jack", Omer Simeon

"Rose Room", Albert Nicholas

"Body and Soul", Barney Bigard with Louis Armstrong All-Stars

"Tin Roof Blues", Pete Fountain

"A Woman Is a Sometime Thing", Allan Vaché & Jim Cullum JB

"Doin' the New Low-Down", Bobby Gordon & Peter Ecklund

"Ring Dem Bells", Ken Peplowski with Jim Cullum Jazz Band

"It's All Right with Me", Bob Draga with Titan Hot Seven

"Flee as a Bird", Evan Christopher with Jim Cullum Jazz Band

"Saints", Jack Maheu with The Dukes of Dixieland

     Now, doesn't that give us a lot more to argue about?  Thanks to
you and boblynn for instigating the logomachy.

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