[Dixielandjazz] New Stuff on the Assuntos' Dukes of Dixieland Site!

Mike Marois MikeMarois at HireLiveMusicians.com
Mon Mar 31 20:47:53 PST 2003

Hey All;

Just wanted to let you all know that there have been two new exciting
features added to the Assuntos' Dukes of Dixieland web site.  First is a
page called Hearing IS Believing.  On this page you can hear how, from Mama
Jo Assunto, the group formed by Frank and Freddie Assunto came to be known
as the Dukes of Dixieland.  There is also a clip on the page from Papa Jac
describing Frank's study habits as a youngster.  The next feature is a
Message Board for people to discuss openly the original band.  Also people,
private collectors only, can request and post original Dukes merchandise.
Follow the link below to enter the world of the Original Dukes of Dixieland.


Hope you enjoy these additions,

Mike Marois
tuba/computer guru

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