[Dixielandjazz] Signing off for awhile

JimDBB at aol.com JimDBB at aol.com
Mon Mar 31 13:52:57 PST 2003

To all who may be interested:

As of probably tomorrow I will be unsubscribing for awhile, possibly two 
months.  I'm moving to La Crosse, Wisconsin and I will be of the List for a 
period.  I will have access to my email much of this time and if anybody 
needs to get in touch with me they can at jimdbb at aol.com

I have enjoyed communicating via the List, tremendously. You are a great 

 I hope to write some more pieces and will put them up when I come back. I 
Just remembered I have a new piece I'm writing titled, " Sittin' in on the 
Valley Forge."  It is just a trifle but amusing and timely in an off way.

Take care now...Jim Beebe
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