[Dixielandjazz] Re: Buddy's Habits (1923)

jakpiano at bluewin.ch jakpiano at bluewin.ch
Sun Mar 30 11:28:12 PST 2003

Dear Bill,

I took 1926 from Anderson's without paying attention to the fact that it
was the date of the Carolina Shout's arangement of Joe Jordan in Eb. We are
trying to put with a AFCTJCA friend (America's Finest City Traditional Jazz
Camp for Adults) douzens of versions of Carolina Shout from the Mazetier+Rilhac
duo to Oscar Peterson... In case we need some help as to J P J's versions
I might revert to you.

Thanks and regards
Jacques Covo Geneva
Grüss Dich

Chhing Thuong

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