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> I know musicians are usually a tad better at math than the average man in 
> the streets, I mean having to figure out I, IV, and V chords and all that 
> stuff.
> Anyway, here is something and if you can figure it out let me know!!!

Neat little mathematical trick.  Think that any two digit number between 10 
and 99 can be expressed as 10X + Y. where X  is a digit ranging from 1 to 9 
and Y is a digit ranging from 0 to 9.  Therefore, the number 37 would be 10 
times 3 plus 7.  This means in this case the X is equal to 3 and the Y is 
equal to 7.  The sum of the digits is 3 + 7 = 10.and the final number to 
lookup in the table is 37-10 = 27.  Well, the symbol for 27 is C+ (think of 
my + sign as the star in the chart).  Doing the math using algebra the 
equation for the final number would be 10X +Y -(X + Y) .  this would be equal 
to 10X + Y - X - Y when I remove the parentheses.  and by adding up the X's 
and Y's, this becomes equal to 9X since the + Y and - Y cancel out.  
Therefore, the answer always becomes equal to 9 times an integer between 1 
and 9.  Notice that every 9X number in the chart has the same C+ symbol.  
Therefore, no matter what two digit number you pick you will always be 
directed to the same symbol in the chart. 

Could be a good way to call tunes in a band that only knows one tune.

Bud Taylor
Smugtown Stompers
Rochester, NY
Traditional Jazz since 1958
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