[Dixielandjazz] post on trumpet list

lUIS dANIEL Flores luda at arnet.com.ar
Wed Mar 26 18:20:10 PST 2003

You may like to read this
post in the TPIN list:
``The subject of the war is off-topic on this list and banned. I have asked
more than once for everyone to stop posting about it. I am going to start
Bouncing people off who continue the thread. Please pay attention to the
Admin's requests.
Everyone who has posted about it so far and anyone who does in the future
will be on 'approve posts status' soon. This means your posts
will not automatically go through to the list until the moderator approves
them. This is a nice feature of our new system that I haven't had to use

Also, those of you who have sent messages to the list chastising others for
posting off-topic are just as guilty. You are not the admin. Please leave
the policing of list policies and guidelines up to me. Rest assured that
everyone who posts on this thread hears from me personally in private email.
Your posting to the list is just another off-topic post that is against the
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Michael Anderson

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