[Dixielandjazz] Salute to Autralians and British

Mick Potter mpotter at mentoneggs.vic.edu.au
Wed Mar 26 10:26:56 PST 2003

Well Said Peter. Lets leave politics and war out of this site

Mick Potter

PS Australians has an "S" in it. and we do exist on the map of the world.

>>> "Peter De Bruyn" <p_debruyn at hotmail.com> 03/26/03 10:29am >>>
With all my respect, this list is not the medium to talk politics or warfare on.
It's about Jazz music and how that makes people happy !
Happyness is what this world really needs.
And boundary-surpassing friendship.

Peter De Bruyn Sr

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    Maybe glued to the news channels where all the action is.  I'll probably get
    a blast for this, but I'd like to express my gratitude to our Australian and
    British comrades-in-arms and all the other members of the coalition for
    their steadfast loyalty and brilliant support.

    Best to all from Wake Island,

     I would like to join you in saluting our fellow Aussies and Brits who are proving to be very capable as our allies in this fight against terrorism.

     Jim Beebe 


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