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Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
Sun Mar 23 10:42:14 PST 2003

Hi Steve Barbone & Russ Guarino,

A good question - we were thinking about a portable laptop type arrangement from which we could call up the number then transpose if necessary for singers sitting in, perhaps with a print out for other backline to use.  Sounds a bit sophisticated for OKOM use, but to me, seems very practical.  I don't know how you carry around 4000 numbers Steve but my 2000 needs a kit bag on its own and even with my frequent flyer points the weight is excessive (the laptop would be lighter)?  I think most of us can transpose on sight with the assistance of one's ear, if the chords are not too varied and complex but what is the source of your CD Rom - I would like to see it ?    


Do you print out the pages you want?

Is any of the material transposed to Bb or Eb parts?  Is there a system
that allows transposition?

Russ Guarino

Stephen Barbone wrote:

> Tom Wood wrote about the fake book they use. There is a CD Rom out with
> the contents of 12 fake books on it. I am just going through them now
> but there appears to be about 5000 tunes. Most, however, are not
> Dixieland but mainstream jazz, bop, latin and the tin pan alley tunes
> and all the musical show tunes over the past 70 years of so. Invaluable
> to doing more "commercial" work.
> Includes all of the "Real Books", "Real Jazz Books' and The Bill Evans
> book etc.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone

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