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> You may hear of the sponsoring organization -- One Family -- in your 
> travels. The adults are not allowed to listen to music during the first 
> year of mourning. (I don't know if I could live with that practice, so I'm 
> praying that no one close to me dies during my lifetime. But I think there 
> is a loophole for people who make a living with music -- something about 
> you can play it but you can't listen...  I'll have to ask my rabbi 
> sometime.)

   *the adults can't listen to music for the first year of mourning?  that is 
really bizarre.  there is great healing power in music and to be denied that 
is cruel and insane.  Truly, religious insanity is responsible for most of 
the trouble in this world.  

  good luck, El.

   Jim Beebe
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