[Dixielandjazz] Chicago - Passion and fire in the belly

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Wed Mar 19 18:26:38 PST 2003

Steve said earlier about "Chicago": "I enjoyed the hell out of it. And I am
not a moviegoer. See two or three a year because most of them bore me, which
is my fault for having a short attention span..."

Yes, Steve, black garters and lingerie go well with short attention spans.

Then, you said, "... just 2 words, HOT and GIRLS. Now, let's put those words
back into jazz peformances. The "Show" must go on."

Why not just say it with one word then? "Lust."
("Not that there's anything wrong with that!")
I just want to add that "the bottom line" (no pun intended) is PASSION: Is
there a source of passion to breathe life into a musical creation,
innovation, inspiration?

Passion is born of many emotions; lust is merely one of its sources. Any
musician who has lived long enough to be a professional musician has lived
long enough to have a story to tell -- some kind of pain or sorrow to cry
about, some joy or elation to sing about with their voice or their

Lil Hardin Armstrong once said, "If you want to hear Louis play, just hear
him play when he's angry."

For anyone who struggles with soloing, I would ask, "Are you being honest
with us when you're communicating through your music?" Now, if they swear
that they are, but I'm not feelin' it no-how, then I'd ask, "Baby, are you
being honest with YOURSELF about what your story is? Can you look long and
hard enough at your own self to see what your own passion and
fire-in-the-belly might be?" Lust is the easy answer, the least-common
denominator; it's a start, but there's more beyond that. There is more to
jazz than that.

Love (and I don't mean lust) and hugs,

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