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thought the List might be interested in the following email.

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> Dear Friends,
> The Roof Garden Jass Band has a new CD that I want to let you know about.
> Just as our previous two albums did, it focuses on the lost era of early
> that spanned from 1917--when the first jazz records were made--to 1923,
> King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band took jazz in a new direction.  In those
> evolutionary days, the word was often spelled "jass," which is where part
> our name comes from.
> Those original recordings were made acoustically, that is, without
> microphones and even without electricity, so, even if you do find them and
> are able to play them, their low fidelity makes them quite challenging to
> listen to.  We have painstakingly transcribed every note from those
> and reproduced the music in beautiful high fidelity, dare I
> say--DIGITAL--sound.  But fear not, dear purists, we have adhered to
> tradition in every other aspect, for we, too, are purists.
> The new CD, entitled "Echoes in the Wax," features the captivating music
> such groundbreaking bands as the Frisco Jazz Band, the first "jazz" band
> record for Thomas Edison's label in 1917, the Louisiana Five, the
> band led by clarinetist "Yellow" Nunez, and of course our old standby, the
> Original Dixieland Jazz Band, to whom our first album was dedicated.  We
> feature music by such bands as Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds, the
> Original Memphis Five, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, and Ray Miller's
> and White Melody Boys.
> World-renowned writer Richard M. Sudhalter, author of "Lost Chords" and
> "Stardust Melody," has written some insightful notes to accompany the
> I am joined by my ever-present colleagues, each of them an outstanding
> who specializes in the music heard on the CD: Jon-Erik Kellso on cornet,
> David Sager on trombone, Tom Roberts on piano, and Kevin Dorn on drums.
> addition, John Gill is featured on banjo on some tracks, and Jenny
> (who is on the new Norah Jones Grammy Award-winning album) is added on
> for some tracks.
> Two years in the making, this Roof Garden Jass Band album is
> my favorite.  I am sure those of you who have enjoyed the RGJB's other two
> albums will like this one at least as much, and I hope that those of you
> have never heard us do what we do will initiate yourselves with this new
> album.
> To order copies of this album or others available from Loup-garous
> Productions, click on the link below.  You will be directed to a page on
> website which features a printable order form.  I now have a PayPal
> loupgarous at AOL.com, so you have the option of paying by credit card if you
> are familiar with the PayPal system.
> <A HREF="http://www.danlevinson.com/orderform.htm">Echoes in the Wax Order
> Hope to see you all soon--but not at the same time, unless we are
> at Madison Square Garden!
> Dan Levinson

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